About Me


IT professionals:

I’m here to help you to overcome the hardships of your career and life, so you’ll be able to wake up with a smile every day.

David at Lake Balaton trip

“Hey, my name is David Hargitai, a developer-turned marketer & coach with 17 years of IT industry experience.”

I can help you if…

  • You have untapped potential that needs to be unlocked to succeed.
  • You feel it’s hard to keep up with the constantly evolving technologies and stay relevant in your field.
  • You’re frustrated because you can’t seem to achieve your goals.
  • You feel like an imposter and doubt yourself, despite your accomplishments and skills.
  • You need to evolve beyond your current role to truly succeed.
  • You stress a lot about pressing project deadlines.
  • You require a personalized plan that addresses your specific challenges.
  • You’re anxious over how secure your job is, especially in these changing tech environments and economic downturns.
  • You struggle with self-doubt and need to overcome it for success.
  • You find communicating with non-technical teams and stakeholders challenging and stressful.
  • You’re unsure about which strategies are effective for growth.
  • You find it hard to transition to other (even non-technical) positions and acquire the necessary skills

  • You’re ready for growth but unsure of the next steps.
  • You can’t decide on the most beneficial certifications and educational paths for your career progression.
  • You’re struggling to balance your personal life with professional or business growth.
  • You feel you’re struggling on technical interviews.
  • You want to become better at salary negotiation.
  • You’re overwhelmed by daily tasks and struggle to focus on growth.
  • You want to become someone in the tech community with a strong personal brand.
  • You believe your work is worth more than you’re currently compensated for.
  • Challenging and routine projects have drained your satisfaction and motivation from your work.
  • You feel isolated and seek a community of professionals facing similar challenges.
  • You want to focus on personal development beyond technical skills, like emotional intelligence and resilience.
  • You seek greater autonomy and independence in your projects and daily tasks, or even in your professional work overall.


My Story

I started working as a self-taught developer 17 years ago.

Since then, I have worked in almost every corner of web development.

I have worked for individual clients, small businesses, larger agencies, and multinational companies too.

I have been an employee, a freelancer, and now I’m a business owner.

I took many courses along the way and got to know great people.

I also had my own ups and downs in my career and life, like everyone else.

Why do I say this to you?

To show that I can relate to whatever problem you have as an IT guy or gal.

You’re not alone with your problems…

And why can I help you, you ask?

I have believed in personal development since my teenage years, so I strategically started to acquire the skills I lacked. This way, I could solve almost all of my problems in my career and life.

But not alone, of course…

I was fortunate enough to have a supportive partner with me all along, great mentors, fantastic teachers, and transformational programs.

They all helped me become the happy man I am today.

By now, I have the tools to help other fellows achieve the same.

Get to know me a bit…

David at home

I love being outdoor in nature. Especially camping, hiking, canyoning, and rafting.

Can’t tell that I’m a bookworm, but I like reading. Fantasy/horror novels, personal development and business related books are all on my list.

My favorite hobby that I practice surprisingly rarely is playing tabletop RPG games with my friends.

Not long ago I’ve had the ambition to learn digital drawing/painting, but because of the rise of the AI I felt better to put this a bit back on my priority list…

And my superpower is my humor.

It’s so special that only a few people can embrace it, but it’s still a superpower, I tell you.

Next steps

What you should do next

Schedule a quick 30 minute call with me.

Just for a casual talk.

We get to know each other.

By the end of you can decide if you feel like working with me, and I’ll also see if I can help you in achieving your current goals or not.

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